To develop a portfolio of collaborative high value-added engineering manufacturing companies capable of producing sustainable real growth in operating profit, cash flow and shareholder value over the longer term.



  • To focus on the original equipment markets, primarily, but not exclusively, aerospace, defence, energy and emission control.
  • To grow organically (through product innovation, operational excellence, impeccable customer service and profitable pricing) and by the acquisition of complimentary high performance operations with strong growth potential.
  • To operate a delegated management culture within a lean organisation structure with short lines of communication to expedite the decision making process.
  • To maintain a clear and comprehensive financial discipline throughout the Group



  • To put the customer first
  • To invest in our people and to treat each other with mutual respect and trust.
  • To operate with integrity and in an ethical manner
  • To operate safely, protecting people and the environment
  • To meet every commitment to ourselves and others.
  • To continually strive to do better in every aspect of our business.