Wide variety of standards & custom built end fittings available in various material & finishing



Straight, Convoluted / Corrugated

Flexible / Formed Tubing is regularly used to for compensating misalignments, vibrations and installation. Products are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials.


Key Features:


  • Provides ducting of exhaust gas by way of an exhaust gas recirculation valve back to intake manifold thus reducing the level of toxic emissions.
  • Emission norms: fullfills the emission standards
  • It prevents the damage of critical aluminum alloy & plastic components of engine due to excessive heat generation.
  •  Provides high temperature durability & minimize installation problems
  • It reduces vibration between  EGR cooler & engine.
  • Flexibility makes alignments of end fittings much easier


Turbo Oil Drain/ Turbo Oil Feed/ Pressure Hoses with PTFE:

Stainless steel tubes for oil lubrication systems of turbochargers of diesel and petrol engines, steel tubes for engine cooling systems.

The function of these pipes is to drive oil to turbochargers of both gasoline and diesel engines.


Key Features:


  • Drive oil to turbochargers of both gasoline & diesel engines
  • Tube systems have the opposite effect, so they drain the turbocharger oil into a diesel and gasoline engine block.
  • Improves the engine efficiency
  • Controls the amount of coolant drive to the turbocharger
  • Controls the coolant oil pressure & maintains flexibility of pipe by use of  PTFE which is adjustable.




  • Passenger Cars/ SUV
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Genset/ Marine Engines
  • Off Highway